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Getting Fired Up:

Supporting the North Perth Combat Team in Firefit Competitions


Firefighters’ lives depend on their training and physical fitness. They train daily to save people at the scene of an emergency and to keep themselves safe as well. For many full-time firefighters, keeping fit is part of their regular job, but volunteers for organizations like the North Perth Fire Service schedule workouts to keep firefighting fit and professional training sessions in between their day jobs, firefighting duties and time with their families. However, volunteers at the North Perth Fire Service have found a great way to stay motivated and keep fire-ready.


They perform in Firefit competitions, professional level games that are held between fire departments across Canada and the United States, where firefighters compete in challenges that use skills needed to fight fires and rescue victims. Some of the challenges include running to the top of a building in full equipment, then hauling hoses to the roof from street level, maintaining water stream accuracy while dragging the hose behind them, and dragging a smoke victim dummy to safety.


Helping them participate in these competitions are local businesses like Keil-Dadson Insurance who donated a fire suit to new North Perth Combat Team member, Mike Morrison.

The North Perth Combat Team is a group of individuals who serve in the North Perth Fire Service made up of the three volunteer fire departments that serve Listowel, Atwood and Monkton. Although it’s only been a year, Mike has been holding his own, helping his team through the Canadian Nationals to win top spot for Volunteer Fire Departments in Canada. Keep up the great work, Mike and the North Perth Combat Team!

To learn more about Scotts Firefit, visit their website at www.firefit.com.

To learn more about the north Perth Combat Team, and to see videos and more pictures of the competitions, see their Facebook page.

Or their twitter account @nrthperthcombat.