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Big Bike and Big Hearts

Keil-Dadson employees helping the Heart and Stroke Foundation


For the past four years, Keil-Dadson employees have been seen riding a peculiar bike around Listowel.

With 30 seats and a big sign that says “Keil-Dadson” on the front, the Heart and Stroke Big Bike is sure to attract attention and encourage community support.

The Heart and Stroke Fundraiser is an event that staff look forward to and the fundraiser usually sees 12-17 volunteers joining the fun each year. Last year alone, they raised $1,262 with the company donating $50 for each participant. In all, the group has managed to raise $5,157 over the last four years.


“It’s a bike that runs rain or shine.” Comments Sue Fraser, Keil-Dadson’s Big Bike coordinator for the past four years. “One year they decided that it had stopped raining long enough, so we started our ride. We only got about 20 feet down the road and it just started to pour. We went all the way around the route and you should have seen us. There were a lot of cars honking their horns in support…especially when we started going uphill.


“Usually, all of us go out for supper afterwards and everyone was dripping that year. I’m not just talking a little wet; we were literally dripping in our chairs. The owner of the restaurant was so understanding.”

The support doesn't just stop with the bike fundraiser. Last year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation held a seminar for the entire company to speak about prevention and early warning signs of a heart attack or stroke. They also explained how to increase their chances of surviving an event, which you can find here.


Keil-Dadson and staff members donated food for the luncheon which was used to raise more funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Of the big bike and luncheon fundraiser, Sue comments, "It’s just a great way to raise money for such a great cause and you’re having fun doing it."

About the Big Bike and the Heart and Stroke Foundation

One bike. 30 seats. 20 minutes. 2kms. One great team working to create more survivors.

The Heart and Stroke Big Bike team event is a way for companies and community organizations to help raise funds for heart disease and stroke research. A team of 30 people raise pledges to ride a bike for 20 minutes over a 2 kilometre route.


Last year, over 70,000 in over 200 communities nationwide helped raise over 8 million dollars for heart disease and stroke research.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a national, volunteer-based charity that invests in life-saving research, empowers Canadians to take control of their health and advocates to governments to invest in programs, public awareness campaigns and public policies to promote healthy choices.

For more information about the Heart and Stroke Foundation, or to volunteer, click here.

To arrange a big bike event for your own company or group, click here.