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Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Hope

Keil-Dadson Employees Host annual BBQ in Support of Relay for Life


Each year, people fighting cancer and their families benefit from the efforts of the Canadian Cancer Society and their annual Relay for Life Fundraiser. Most people are familiar with the relay, but people in downtown Listowel also look forward to Keil-Dadson’s annual BBQ in support of the relay.

On the last Friday of May, for the past 7 years, Keil-Dadson employees have held a BBQ, grilling local foods to sell in front of their office. It’s an office-wide effort, with everyone donating the use of their BBQs and coolers and pitching in on the grill for the BBQ which lasts from 11am-2pm. The office is kept open for business, but most staff members are involved in selling  hamburgers, hot dogs, pop, chips and cheezies. They even have take-out and a very minor delivery option for people nearby. In the past, they’ve also had a Spin-to-Win wheel with prizes ranging from Keil-Dadson T-shirts and blankets to colour changing cups and other small items.


“The community support is amazing,” says Tracey Goetz, the event coordinator for Keil-Dadson, “One year, I was outside running the prize table and a client stopped at the light in front of the office. He waved me over and explained that he didn’t have time to visit the BBQ, but wanted to donate anyway. He gave me a $20 bill and told me to have a good day!”

Keil-Dadson Insurance was able to raise $1,100 from last year’s BBQ, in addition to the $450 that employees donated from their dress-down fund.

On the day of the relay, volunteers from the office have set up the Keil-Dadson smile-face pavilion on the sidelines and handed out balloons and painted the faces of the participants and supporters. As it got dark, they stood with the rest of the crowd and watched as the memorial luminaries were lit around the larger letters that businesses in the communities, including Keil-Dadson had sponsored.


“The BBQ and the Relay for Life is a great way to raise funds and bring people together,” concludes Tracey, “it’s amazing to know you live in a place where people care.”

About Relay for Life and the Canadian Cancer Society

Relay for Life is an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. Held in 331 communities across Canada, including Listowel, participants raised over $34 Million last year alone by getting people to sponsor them in a relay walk. Those who are unable to or choose not to participate in the relay can cheer participants on or participate in the exciting trackside activities available.

The money raised goes toward Canadian Cancer Society Programs including cancer research, cancer prevention and to those fighting cancer including some support for families of those with cancer as well.

If you are interested in joining this year’s Relay for Life, Register today.